The World's First Limited Edition Circular Memory Jacket.

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Designed for zero-waste, our Circular Memory Jacket is a lifetime piece built for performance and functionality. Great for traveling, outdoor adventures, and every day, it’s an outdoor jacket you will feel proud to wear. Hold the moments you cherish most as #WearYourValues in the Circular Memory Jacket.

The Circular Memory Jacket tells your story. You customize the lining with your favorite garments. Football fanatic? Send us your team’s paraphernalia. 90’s band groupie? Rock every last t-shirt. Recent college grad you want to celebrate? Send us your college swag. Made in the USA, customizable, and made-to-order, the Limited Edition Circular Memory Jacket holds close the moments you cherish most, and the ones you’re creating today.

Be One of the First 1000 Dhana Kickstarter Backers as We Debut The World’s First Limited Edition Circular Memory Jacket.

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The World's First Circular Memory Jacket.

Join the Circular Fashion Revolution.

To co-create a new way of self-expression, business and community through our consumption choices; the narratives we tell, and the clothes we wear. From transactional to relational; self-interested to community-centered; fast to circular. We are revolutionizing the future of fashion. We invite you to #WearYourValues and join us.

Be One of the First 1000 Dhana Kickstarter Backers and #WearYourValues.

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At the Innovative Edge of Circular Fashion.

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Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to be one of 1000 proud owners of The Limited Edition Dhana Circular Memory Jacket. Pledge during October and save $200 off the retail price, from $550 to $350! When the Kickstarter campaign closes, you will receive an email with a survey to fill out with your preferences of size and color, and instructions for shipping us your garments for the customized lining. The first 25 Kickstarter backers will receive their one-of-a-kind jacket in time for the December holiday season.

Customize Your Story
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From Fast and Wasteful to Circular and Regenerative

We aren't playing. We took them up on it. Big time.

Known as the 2020 Commitment, The Global Fashion Agenda called the fashion industry to take action on sustainability and circularity by 2020. With the launch of the Dhana Circular Fashion Line, The Limited Edition Dhana Circular Memory Jacket embodies three of the four circular fashion strategies outlined by The Global Fashion Agenda:

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    1. Implement design strategies of cyclability.

    100% upcycled. Zero new resources extracted. Zero waste created. And when you think it’s time part ways with your jacket, send it back to us, and we will recycle it. All of it.

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    2. Increase the volume of used garments collected.

    Send us 10 of your favorite pieces, and we create your customized lining.

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    3. Increase the share of garments made from recycled post-consumer textile consumers.

    Designed for zero waste, every of the Circular Memory Jacket is made from upcycled or recycled deadstock, textiles once bound for the landfill.

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Take the Dhana Circularity Pledge.

As You Wear Your Circular Memory Jacket, you embody the Dhana Circularity Pledge

  • Reduce

    Your carbon footprint. Tell your story as you relive your clothing and your memories.

  • Reuse

    Your vintage pieces. Integrate them into the Dhana Circular Fashion Collection.

  • Repair

    Your Limited-Edition Circular Memory Jacket if it needs a fix.

  • Recycle

    Your Jacket. When you’ve exhausted its life, mail it to us. We will recycle it, closing the loop and creating new fiber with fashion technology.

  • Reflect

    Remember the unique life force that you are; the moments that bring you joy; and the many ways your action can have a positive impact on people and planet.

Collectively, we will create and move toward a diverse, inclusive, and regenerative world. This is the Dhana Circularity Pledge.

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