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We’re Wearin’ the World™! Our premier collection of organic kids’ fashions celebrates what eco-savvy kids ages 4-12 already know: connection with nature is a common element shared by every culture on the planet, and we must cherish and protect the gifts the natural world offers us.


We’re also asking “Where in the World?” Designed by like-minded artists from around the world and manufactured by CAOS (our GOTS, ISO, and Fair Trade Certified eco partners in Pondicherry,South India), our collection is a fun and healthy way to get smart, socially conscious kids interested in making a difference through the clothes they wear.


Our goal is to make The Wearin’ the World™ Collection as easy on Mother Earth and the Boys and Girls who love her as we possibly can. That’s why we use only the softest, 100% certified organic and fair trade fabric and low impact dyes for all our kids’ clothing designs.


Dhana EcoKids™ is a fully owned subsidiary of Dhana, Inc.