Dhana is proud to adopt circular fashion for the first time, taking our commitment to uniting humanity through the medium of fashion one giant leap further. Our flagship product, The Circular Memory Jacket is our commencement to circularity made up of upcycled materials with deadstock fabric sourced in the US as the exterior shell of each garment. Diverting textile waste from landfills, each garment is fighting to decrease the number of carbon emissions and water pollution released directly from garment waste and production.

Made to order, the lining of each jacket is that of the person's choosing, taking their memories from nature, childhood, and moments with the people they have connected with most and building new opportunities for remembrance. A blend of the old and new custommade with the customer in mind the CircularMemory Jacket is designed to incorporate sentimental moments. Outdoor wear that is water resistant, weather friendly, chemical and water-free, the Circular Memory Jacket is both performance and functionality.

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Each color chosen to remind us to connect with nature, as We’re Wearin’ the World.