“This generation of hyper-engaged consumers are the advocates WearOurValues aims to connect with offering a platform for change, raising awareness on the power of conversation and encouraging incremental solutions to be adopted into everyday lifestyles to make conscious shopping a preferred option”

- by Founder and CEO, Shamini Dhana.

Educating and Empowering Consumers to Transform the Fashion Industry

WearOurValues is Dhana Inc.'s first social campaign pushing the fashion industry from niche to norm by empowering consumers to think deeper about the clothes we wear, the brands we shop with and the power we have in voting with our dollar. As a sustainable fashion brand, we are seeing the consequences of climate change and social injustice every day within the industry. While we are proud to be able to offer a sustainable and ethical product aiding the impact, we want to do more. In order for the industry to revolutionize, we need consumers to disrupt the way in which we think, dress, shop and communicate with brands. By using the hashtag #WearOurValues we are communicating our efforts by raising awareness, educating, inspiring, offering solutions and connecting with like-minded people engaged in the progression.

Fashion is unique and we want to highlight the solutions that are just as creative. We see WearOurValues as a community of advocates, connecting brands, business owners and consumers, paving an environment for collaborative thinking. Join the movement, reflect on the origin of your clothes, how to lengthen product lifecycle and re-communicate consumer demand in order for brands to align our values, supporting the people and planet involved. 

The Survey Behind It All

Our goal is to make your valued lifestyle as easy as possible. Our brief survey will help us understand what aspects of brand supply chains you wish were made public and what factors are most important to you when shopping. This way we know what you value and what you need to know in order to make more conscious shopping decisions in the future. As a fashion company, we plan to share our solutions with fellow brands and that means letting them know what it is consumers independently value versus what consumers are taught to want. 


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