We're Wearin' the World ™



“We will unite humanity by providing a forum for sharing the influences that shape and define our essence as people,” said Founder and CEO Shamini Dhana. “As we travel through life, each of us embraces and imprints elements from our environments. From cultural experiences and places, to food, music, film to art—the impact of these cumulative experiences is as unique as our genetic code.” 

Dhana Inc. values ethical and sustainable business practices, and is committed to using clothing as a tool to better connect people and planet. This is Dhana’s first campaign of this kind and will continue through 2016. New themes will be introduced in subsequent years to engage consumers and organizations in conversations about how, through clothing, individuals can connect to the environment and to those who make the apparel—from the fiber to the finished product.

“Dhana is at the forefront of socially conscious fashion,” continued Dhana. “When it comes to any purchase, but especially fashion apparel, we want consumers to be curious about every step of the process. Where was this made? Who made it? How was it made? These are the same questions we pursue with every decision we make. Each day, we dress in clothing that has the potential to connect us with the hands and hearts of many people and the planet. Each piece of every Dhana collection is designed to further this connection.”